Add late fees and prompt payment discounts to your QuickBooks invoices.

  • Add late fees and interest to your QuickBooks invoices.
  • Automated prompt payment discounts.
  • Flexible, respectful and customizable reminders.

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Get paid quicker while preserving positive customer relationships

“This is a simple to use app that gets results, by setting the frequency you put the outstanding bills to the clients eyes and gently remind them to settle old accounts. Best of all it is automatic.”

Geoff Smith

Managing Director of Marine Services Ltd, Australia
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How QuickBooks + Paidnice helps you get paid faster


Connect Paidnice to your QuickBooks account.


Set up custom late fee rules and prompt payment discounts, incentivizing clients to pay invoices on time or early.


Personalize and automate friendly payment reminders, or use our custom presets.


As invoices go out, or when they go overdue, Paidnice will only take action when invoices and contacts match your strict criteria.


Enjoy improved cash flow and reduced manual work, freeing up time and resources to focus on your business growth.

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Why Paidnice?

You want to charge penalties for overdue invoices.

You want more reliable and stress-free cashflow.

You want to automate your late fee or interest calculations on your Xero invoices.

You don’t want to waste time manually adding penalties to invoices.

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Automatically apply late fees and interest to your overdue invoices

Encourage timely payments while reducing manual tracking and calculation efforts.

  • Fixed, Interest and Per Annum interest rates
  • Recurring late fees
  • Update existing invoices or issue new ones
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Offer discounts for early invoice payments

Incentivize customers to pay faster and reward their promptness.

  • Auto-apply Discounts
  • Flexible Discount Parameters
  • Detailed Reporting
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Reminder reminders with Paidnice

Personalize the look, feel, and timing of your payment reminders

Maintain positive relationships by sending friendly, tailored reminders that suit your business style.

  • Custom email builder
  • Pick when customers get reminders
  • Use your own domain, or email address
  • Automated SMS reminders
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    Help your clients get paid quicker, and automate their recievables with smart and respectful invoice reminders, prompt payment discounts and late fees.

    "Manually having to follow up overdue invoices was a chore, now Paidnice handles it for me, and I can avoid those awkward conversations with my clients."

    Sarah Smith - Founder

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    Never let another invoice go overdue again

    Easy invoice automation, for small business.

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