Streamline collections with Automatic Escalation Workflows

  • Auto-escalate to a phone call, credit stop or legal letter.
  • Customize how and when to escalate actions.
  • Sync to other tools & trigger actions across platforms.

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Get paid quicker while preserving positive customer relationships

“Seriously, what used to be a marathon of problem-solving now feels like a sprint – click and boom, issues vanish. Activating different policies will be my new favourite sport – move over, Netflix.”

Geoff Smith

Managing Director of Marine Services Ltd, Australia

Escalate overdue debt to a Phone call, Credit Stop or Legal letter

With three distinct escalation types, you can customize how and when to escalate actions.

  • Auto-escalate and activate workflows.
  • Create custom instructions to suit your needs.
  • Escalation tracker to staff to work from
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Sync escalation across platforms with webhooks

Seamlessly update CRM, sales, and customer service apps in real time via Zapier, or similar with a webhook.

  • Send escalation information to 1000+ apps with Zapier.
  • Auto-email anybody escalation instructions.
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How to Automate Escalations Workflows

Get paid on time, and simplify your escalation workflows with Paidnice

1. Set up escalation policy

Define criteria for when invoices become overdue and require escalation. Tailor these policies to fit various customer profiles or invoice amounts for precise control.

2. Assign Escalation Actions

Choose from actions like automated phone calls, credit stops, or legal notices. Set them to trigger based on the escalation policies you've configured.

3. Monitor Escalation Progress

View real-time updates on the escalation page. See which invoices are being escalated and the specific actions taken for each case.

4. Integrate with Webhooks

Connect Paidnice with other platforms using webhooks. Automate the notification process to keep all your business tools informed about escalations.
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"It's been a total game changer to our cashflow. Highly recommend you check it out if you're looking for an easy set and forget way to manage your account receivables."

Alex Hamilton - CEO

Paintvine, New Zealand

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