July 10, 2024

How to Apply Late Fees in QuickBooks Australia

Denym Bird
CEO of Paidnice

QuickBooks is a popular accounting software used by many Australian businesses. However, it has a significant limitation: the Australian version lacks built-in late fee functionality.

This article explores how to overcome this hurdle using Paidnice, a powerful solution for applying late fees and enhancing accounts receivable processes.

Understanding Late Fees in Australia

Late fees are crucial for Australian businesses to encourage timely payments and maintain healthy cash flow. However, it's important to consider legal aspects when implementing late fees.

In Australia, late fees must be reasonable and reflect the actual costs incurred due to late payment. While there's no strict legal limit, fees should typically not exceed 10% of the outstanding amount. It's advisable to clearly communicate late fee policies in your terms and conditions. Learn more about what you can charge in Australia here.

Limitations with QuickBooks Australia

Unlike its US counterpart, QuickBooks Australia (along with versions for Canada, the United Kingdom, and other global markets) does not include a default late fee feature.

This limitation can make it challenging for businesses to efficiently manage overdue payments and apply late fees consistently.

How Paidnice Can Add Late Fees to QuickBooks Australia

Paidnice is a comprehensive accounts receivable solution that seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks Australia. It not only fills the late fee gap but also provides additional features to streamline your receivables process:

  1. Send advanced SMS and Email reminders: Send automated email and SMS reminders to clients about upcoming or overdue payments.
  2. Automated Statement Sending: Regularly send account statements to clients without manual intervention.
  3. Escalation Workflows: Ensure no invoice falls through the cracks with customizable follow-up processes.

How to Setup Paidnice with QuickBooks Australia

Follow these steps to start using Paidnice with QuickBooks Australia:

1. Sign Up to Paidnice, and Connect QuickBooks:

Create a Paidnice account and start your 30-day free trial

Connect QuickBooks Australia to Paidnice with a single click:

2. Set Up Late Fee Policy for QuickBooks:

Choose your late fee type (percentage, flat fee, or both). Specify when the late fee should be applied (e.g., 7 days after the due date):

3. Configure Additional Features:

  1. Set up payment reminders (e.g., 3 days before due, on due date, 7 days after).
  2. Schedule automated statement send-offs (e.g., monthly).
  3. Create escalation workflows for persistently overdue invoices.

Thats it! in only a few minutes, you're now charging late fees with Paidnice. Do you need help with the setup process, book a demo with the team.

Case Study: See How BTA saved hours with Paidnice

Better Tuition Academy (BTA), an Australian tutoring service with 700 students and 120 staff, faced significant challenges with late payments before implementing Paidnice.

Key Issues:

  • Manual follow-ups consuming 2-3 hours weekly
  • Difficulty managing increasing late payments as the business grew
  • Strain on client relationships due to payment discussions

Benefits After Implementing Paidnice:

  • Time Saved: 3-4 hours saved every fortnight on payment follow-ups
  • Improved Cash Flow: Significant reduction in late payments
  • Better Client Relationships: Automated reminders reduced awkward payment conversations
  • Scalability: Ability to grow without worrying about managing more late payments
"It's so much easier now. Before, it was manual chase-ups. If you got 30 or 40 people that are late, each one of them gets a text message, each one of them gets an email, each one of them gets a statement. Now it automatically goes out at that 10-day mark. They're late, they know about it, and no one argues about it anymore. It's just easy."
Victor, BTA's Chief Marketing Officer and Accounts Manager.

Read the full case study here or watch the video below on how Paidnice transformed BTA's accounts receivable process:

Now its your turn

QuickBooks Australia's lack of built-in late fee functionality can be a significant hurdle for businesses. Paidnice offers a comprehensive solution to this problem, allowing you to easily apply late fees and streamline your entire accounts receivable process.

By integrating Paidnice with QuickBooks Australia, you can:

  • Automatically apply late fees
  • Send timely reminders
  • Automate statement sending
  • Implement escalation workflows

Start using Paidnice today to efficiently manage late fees in QuickBooks Australia and improve your overall accounts receivable process. Learn more about Paidnice's late fee functionality in our help desk, or chat with our friendly team for a quick demo.

Don't let late payments hold your business back. With Paidnice and QuickBooks Australia, you can create a robust accounts receivable system that keeps your cash flow healthy and your business growing.

Denym Bird
CEO of Paidnice
Denym is a software entrepreneur and writes about accounts receivables management for small business.