June 14, 2022

New Features: Custom email notifications + more

Denym Bird
CEO of Paidnice

We’re blown away by the support you have given us since we launched back in November 2021. Thank you for all of your messages with suggestions on how we can improve Paidnice to make it the very best accounts receivable automation software for Xero customers worldwide.

Today we’re releasing an eagerly awaited new feature, Custom email notifications.

With custom email notifications you will be able to;

  • Edit the emails that your customers receive when you send them late fee notifications, including adding text and your logo. 
  • Edit the email subject line of what they receive.

As a part of this update, the emails will now show up in your customers inbox as having come from your Xero org name, and not from ‘Paidnice’ anymore. So that the emails look as if they are coming from you. 

We have also made it easier for your customers to find and pay their penalties, by attaching the updated invoice, or newly issued invoice as a PDF in this email. 

To find the email editor, go to the General tab in your Settings, and select Custom Emails, or find more information here.

Important note: Custom email notifications are available for customers on Standard and Pro plans.

New dashboard

Get a glance at how many penalties you’re sending out each week, and over time quickly and easily. Let us know how we could make this more useful for you by throwing us an email.

Invoice filtering and search

If you have a lot of invoices in your Xero account, filtering through to see which ones are processing, and which ones might need some additional attention used to be quite a bit of work. We have now made it a lot easier with multiple filters on;

  • Invoice number
  • Contact name
  • Processing type

We have also made it possible to select multiple invoices and do bulk actions. 

That is all for this update, next up we are working on developing advanced penalty settings to make it easier to filter out different types of accounts, products or product codes from receiving penalties. 

Let us know if you have any feature requests by getting in touch with us, we’re all ears!


Denym and Jack - helping you get paid quicker!