March 27, 2024

Pinch and Paidnice Join Forces to Form the Late Payment Alliance

Denym Bird
CEO of Paidnice

Today, we're excited to announce the first of our new direct payment integrations. With direct payment integrations, you will be able to directly collect payments via Paidnice initiated actions, such as email reminders, sms messages, customer statements and much more.

We're excited to launch first launch these payment integrations with one of Australia's leading payment platforms, Pinch.

Together, Paidnice and Pinch make a great match for collecting payment, and reminding them about it. With a fully-end-end managed accounts recievable process.

That is why today we are also announcing that we will join Pinch in forming the Late Payment Alliance. This collaboration brings together two powerful platforms dedicated to helping businesses get paid on time, every time.

The Late Payment Problem

Late payments are a crippling problem for small businesses in Australia. Research has shown that businesses experiencing consistent late payments grow up to three times slower than those with healthy cash flow.

While the government has taken steps to address this issue, such as implementing new business reporting requirements aimed at fostering fairer relationships between large and small businesses, the problem persists, particularly when it comes to collecting payments from small businesses and family payers.

The Late Payment Alliance: A United Front

The Late Payment Alliance is a bold initiative spearheaded by Pinch and Paidnice to change the culture of Australian business.

By normalizing on-time payments, promoting the adoption of invoice auto-payment systems, and rewarding prompt payers with discounts, the Alliance aims to create a more confident and secure small business community.

As members of the Late Payment Alliance, businesses can identify themselves on their websites and social media, linking to the forthcoming Late Payment Alliance website that outlines the endemic issues surrounding late payments.

By adopting and supporting ecosystem solutions like Paidnice and Pinch, businesses can contribute to a more efficient economy, reduce wastage, and stimulate growth in both micro and macro economic communities.

Paidnice and Pinch: A Match Made in On-Time Payments Heaven

The integration of Paidnice and Pinch brings together two powerful tools designed to help businesses get paid on time. Paidnice offers a range of features to streamline the accounts receivable process, including:

- Automated late fees, interest and discounts.
- Late payment fees.
- On-time discounts.
- Effective email & SMS Invoice Reminders.
- Automatic Customer Statements.

By connecting Paidnice with Pinch Payments, businesses can take advantage of additional features, such as:

- Invoice auto-payment.
- Payment plans.
- and much more.

To start using Paidnice and Pinch together, simply:

1. Create a Paidnice account
2. Create a Pinch account
3. Add your Pinch Payments links to your Paidnice email reminders and statement reminders (learn how to do that here)
4. Switch your Pinch payment links on (learn how to do that here)
5. That's it! Enjoy getting paid on time, every time from now on!

By leveraging the combined power of Paidnice and Pinch, businesses can eliminate payroll anxiety, supplier payment anxiety, and free up time to focus on growing their business, rather than chasing payments.

Don't let late payments hold your business back any longer

With the combined power of Paidnice and Pinch, businesses can take a stand against late payments and contribute to a healthier, more confident small business community in Australia.

To learn more about the Late Payment Alliance and how your business can get involved, reach out to our team today.

Sign up for Paidnice and Pinch today and experience the difference of getting paid on time, every time.

Denym Bird
CEO of Paidnice
Denym is a software entrepreneur and writes about accounts receivables management for small business.