How Paidnice pays for itself, and gets 3IT Consulting paid on time

3IT Consulting was overwhelmed by the manual chase-down of constant late customer payments. By automating accounts receivable with Paidnice, they saw late payments drop 70% almost immediately. As Financial Manager Venita Naidoo said: “That makes a huge difference. I think that’s where pretty much Paidnice pays for itself.”
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3IT Consulting is an IT services company based in South Africa that struggled with getting consistent on-time payments from clients. We spoke with Louis de Kock, Director of 3IT Consulting, and Venita Naidoo, Financial Manager, about how implementing Paidnice's automated accounts receivable solution helped them dramatically reduce late payments.

The Challenge: A Manual, Labor-Intensive Process

With numerous ongoing service contracts and subscriptions, 3IT Consulting dealt with high invoice volumes and irregular customer payment schedules. According to Naidoo, before using Paidnice, "we were handling our accounts receivable by probably nagging the was pretty much manual."

This manual process meant contacting every late-paying client individually, which was enormously time-consuming for the finance team. And with 80-90% of payments late, it was ultimately ineffective. As de Kock summarized:"I think it the process lets you down because it's simply way too labor intensive. It's almost impossible to get in contact with all your clients."

They realized automating accounts receivable was essential to reduce lateness and improve cash flow.

The Solution: Paidnice's Accounts Receivable Automation

After reviewing their options, 3IT Consulting chose Paidnice for its set-and-forget, highly automated functionality. Key features that sold them included:

Automatic late fee invoices - Paidnice automatically detects unpaid Xero invoices past due date and sends late fee invoices. This eliminated manual late fee calculation and enforcement.

Custom branded reminders - Email and SMS payment reminders are sent from 3IT Consulting's brand directly to clients as invoices become due. The professional, customized messaging improved response rates.

Customer segmentation - They customized rules and reminders based on client purchase history and relationship factors.

The Results: Late Payments Dropped 60-70%

Within months of onboarding with Paidnice, 3IT Consulting saw significant improvements in accounts receivable:  

- 60-70% drop in late payments
- Majority of invoices now paid within 14 days  
- Cash flow improved from timely customer payments
- Finance team freed up from manual collections outreach

As Naidoo summarized: "I can tell you after we implemented Paidnice, where we pretty much found the opposite. The client starts phoning us and saying, Listen, why are you invoicing me for late payments?" By systemizing collections, 3IT Consulting was finally able to get customers to pay attention and pay on time.

By implementing Paidnice's accounts receivable automation, 3IT Consulting was able to fundamentally transform and improve their collections process. What used to be an unsuccessful, manual chase down of 80%+ late payments rapidly improved to over 60% of invoices paid on time. The systemization and consistency provided by Paidnice's automatic late fee functionality reshaped client behavior and expectations around on-time payment.

For 3IT Consulting, bringing their accounts receivable onto auto-pilot has been indispensable, supercharging cash flow while freeing up finance staff - proving Paidnice an invaluable partner.

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With Paidnice, we've transformed client behaviour around on-time payment. By automatically enforcing late fees, we've set new expectations - now over 60% of customers pay us promptly.

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