October 27, 2023

How to Setup Xero + Paidnice to Auto Send Customer Statements

Denym Bird
CEO of Paidnice

Xero is a popular accounting software that helps small businesses with invoicing, payments, expense tracking and more. One of its key features is customer statements - summaries of account activity sent to customers on a regular basis.

Manually creating and emailing statements every month can be time consuming. This is where Paidnice comes in!

Paidnice integrates with Xero to fully automate sending customer statements. Once set up, Paidnice will automatically generate and email statements based on your schedule and rules. This saves Xero users tons of time and hassle.

In this stet-by-step guide, I'll explain how to setup Xero + Paidnice to automatically send customer statements:

1. Connect Xero to Paidnice

The first step is to sync your Xero account with Paidnice. This allows Paidnice to access your Xero data and automatically generate statements.

To connect them:

  • Sign up for a Paidnice account, you get a 30 day free trial to test it out.
  • Follow the prompts after signup to connect and authorize Paidnice to sync with your Xero account.
  • Paidnice will then pull in your customers, invoices and other data needed to create automated statements.

2. Create a new Auto-Statement Policy

Now that Paidnice is connected to Xero, you can start setting up your automated statement policies.

  • In the Paidnice app, go to the Auto-Statements section on the left menu.
  • Click "New Auto-Statement" to begin creating your first statement automation.

3. Select your settings + assign to a group of Xero customers

When creating the auto-statement policy, you can customize:

  • Which customers it applies to - you can select all customers or specific ones.
  • The frequency - weekly, monthly etc. Pick the day you want statements sent.
  • Select an email template that goes out to your customer from the presets (or create your own)
  • Filters - send to customers with overdue invoices or all open balances.

4. Go live, send statements

Once you finish setting up the policy, save it and go live by turning off "Safe Mode" in Paidnice.

Now statements will start being automatically generated and emailed based on your policy schedule and rules!

One less thing to worry about

The beauty of automating statements through Paidnice is that it's one less tedious admin task you have to worry about. Statements will now be regularly sent to customers without you having to create, download and manually email them yourself every billing period.

You can relax knowing statements are being handled automatically in a consistent, professional manner. This frees up your time to focus on more important and strategic parts of operating your Xero business.

Additionally, Paidnice has other great features to make your invoicing and collections smoother. You can setup automatic late fees for overdue invoices, create payment reminder sequences, offer prompt payment discounts and more.

Automating statements is just the start - with Paidnice you can automate your entire invoicing and payment collection process within Xero. This saves you tons of time while keeping cashflow smooth and predictable.

Denym Bird
CEO of Paidnice
Denym is a software entrepreneur and writes about accounts receivables management for small business.