Event leaders Paintvine reduces late payments to $0 within a month

Late customer payments were giving Paintvine an unpredictable cash flow headache. By automating reminders and late fees with Paidnice, they reduced late payments to zero within one month. Now Paintvine can bank on getting paid on time.
New Zealand
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Paintvine is a popular paint and wine studio based in New Zealand that was struggling with customers frequently paying invoices late. We spoke with Alex Hamilton, CEO of Paintvine, on how implementing Paidnice's accounts receivable automation solution helped them reduce late payments to zero within the first month.

The Challenge: Unreliable Cash Flow 

As a small business, Paintvine relied on predictable cash flow to pay employees and suppliers on time. However, with over 20% of customer payments consistently late, it was difficult for Alex to reliably forecast and manage cash flow. As he explained, "Late customer payments were our single biggest headache. We never knew when or if invoices would be paid on time."

This frequently led to liquidity issues that forced Paintvine to delay payments themselves. Alex knew he needed to solve the problem of late payments in order to stabilize cash flow.

The Solution: Paidnice's Automated Reminders and Late Fees

After researching options, Alex decided on Paidnice because of the ability to automatically apply configured late fees and send invoice payment reminders directly to customers. 

Key features that sold Paintvine:

Automatic late fees - Paidnice detects unpaid Xero invoices and adds a configured % fee that is sent to the customer. This enabled Paintvine to consistently enforce their late payment policies.

Invoice reminders - Paidnice sends customized email and SMS payment reminders to customers as invoices become due and overdue. The friendly reminders improved on-time payment rates.

BYO email domain - Reminders and late fees are sent directly from Paintvine's email domain, rather than Paidnice, improving open and response rates.

Customer segmentation - Paintvine customized late fee rules and reminders for different customer groups based on purchase history.

Results: Late Payments Dropped to Zero 

Within the first month of implementing Paidnice, Paintvine saw late customer payments decrease from over 20% to zero. 

Specific results included:

- On-time payment rate improved from 80% to 100%

- Total late fees collected increased by 10% 

- Cash flow stabilized from consistent on-time customer payments

- Paintvine could reliably pay employees and suppliers on schedule

According to Alex: "Paidnice gave us the reliability we needed in our accounts receivable. Now we can depend on customer payments arriving on time to pay our own bills." 

By automating the process of collecting owed payments, Paintvine eliminated late payments and achieved the predictable cash flow crucial for small business success.

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"Within the first month of implementing Paidnice, we saw late customer payments decrease from over 20% to zero."

Alex Hamilton


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